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Relationship Advice – Why Do I Keep Getting Hurt?


Relationship Advice – Why Do I Keep Getting Hurt?
Hi peeps in this video I talk about why do some people tend to get hurt in relationships rather or not if it is a chronic problem or pattern from relationship to relationship. I also discussed the counseling term “projection” and how sometimes when you think the other person in the relationship is the problem that it is actually you mirroring yourself with you own issues. In this v-log I talk about how to do some self-care and lot take a look at your self and do a self evaluation. I explain how you can heal your-self from within and discovering who you as a person and through purpoz. Don’t forget to like and to subscribe to my channel. Till next time Peace!!xoxo:)

Hi peeps. In this video I talk about the stereotypes in black women in the media. The movie I talk about is about The Princess & The frog. This is the second video to this v-log series.

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