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How To Win Him Back After A Breakup? Make These Two Statements And Your Ex Will Come Running


How To Win Him Back After A Breakup? Make These Two Statements And Your Ex Will Come Running
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After a breakup, you might be wondering what to say to win him back. You feel bad because when he told you he needed some space, you said a lot. Most of what you said was from hurt and anger and now you wish you knew how to approach your ex. Knowing what to say to a guy that you feel is still angry, is a delicate matter. But these two statements will have your ex running back to you.
Most women lose their cool and chase their ex boyfriend crying and begging him to love them. They send emails containing long love poems and send text messages every few minutes. They are constantly on the phone and he is constantly hanging upon them. Since you feel you said too much at the time of the breakup, you might not have been doing these things. That is good because it will make the two statements you are going to make much more effective.
You need to let things settle down for about a month after the breakup, before you make these statements. Have no contact with your ex during this time at all. Give him time to think and soon he will wonder what happened to you. During this time stay busy with other interests. You need time for healing and getting your emotions under control. Your family and friends can be a great help to you at this time. Rely on their love and support to regain your confidence. Soon you will be strong enough to make the two statements that will have your ex running back to you.
Getting your ex boyfriend back, will only require you to have the strength and maturity to call him and tell him two things. First of all you want to tell him that you apologize for causing him pain. You need to do this no matter who you consider was at fault for the breakup. This will surprise your ex because he thought you would be begging him for another chance. That will make your second statement even more effective.
Tell him that you can see that he was right and the breakup was best for both of you. Add that you had been unhappy with the relationship for some time. This will stun him out of his mind and leave him speechless. End the conversation by wishing him luck. When he comes out of his stunned condition, your ex will feel as if he has just been dumped. He will feel the hurt and rejection you felt when he dumped you.
But he will feel something else and that is what will make him come running back to you. Your ex boyfriend will feel a bruised ego and hurt pride. Men cannot stand to be rejected and have their pride damaged. Give him time to think of what has happened and he will have only one choice. Your ex will decide that the only way to rid himself of the feeling of rejection is to get you back. Citation: H. L. Archer.

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