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How to fix a relationship – a neat secret
A neat brain secret on how to fix a relationship.

If your man has become cold, distant and hard to talk to then this secret will have him treating you like a queen.

Is your relationship is showing one of the four horseman of the apocalypse? This is a term used eminent relationship researcher Dr John Gottman. Well Dr Gottman and his team can predict within 3 minutes of a couple’s conversation whether their relationship will survive long-term with 96% accuracy.

He bases his predictions on destructive communication styles and coping mechanisms. Four of these communication styles, Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling are called the “four horseman of the apocalypse” – signs of the death of a relationship. You need to know the secret to how to fix a relationship now.

You may think you are just going through a hard time and will survive a broken relationship. And you may, but this secret to how to fix a broken relationship and can change your life.

Each year in the USA, nearly 1 million marriages end in divorce. Incredible! It can be likened to every citizen in Houston Texas being divorced (each divorce leaves 2 people). Don’t join the statistics, learn how to fix a relationship.

I highly recommend this.

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