Relationship Advice and Some Alpha M. Tough Love

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Relationship Advice and Some Alpha M. Tough Love
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In this video men’s style, grooming and relationship expert, Aaron Marino of , offers some relationship advice to a young viewer.

As adults, we can learn a lot from young love and relationships, but you are probably not going to like what Aaron Marino of alpha m. has to say. When it comes to relationship advice, it’s much easier for those who are not involved or emotionally connected to a relationship or situation to give a better perspective and solid advice. When our heart is attached, you tend to rationalize things when your head knows better.
Crazy usually trumps hot in the end. Jacob (16 year old) sent an email to Alpha about a month ago about his 2-year relationship. Recently, the relationship turned long distance. She started making new friends who are male. Apparently, her new *friends* get angry when they mention Jacob, which she tells Jacob. Her friends say that she and Jacob won’t last. She asks how he feels when he hears that. Of course, he gets upset but tries to remain cool.

He has every right to be pissed off as it’s a natural emotion. His girl is starting to try to play him like a fool. He has many factors playing against him:

They are both young.
They live far away from each other.
She is telling him about her male friends.
Trust issues are already starting to come up.

The road will be tough he continues to try to have a relationship with her. You have decide what you want to deal with or not. A month later, Jacob sent a follow-up email asking how to break-up with her without hurting her. Alpha advised for him to be a man, call her, wish her well, and be up-front with her.

Adults can learn from this situation. You have to decide what you’re willing to put up with. Draw that line. If that line is crossed, you have to be willing to walk away. It’s about respect and your own self preservation and dignity. We teach others how to treat us, which goes for your friends, co-workers, parents / family, and the person that you end up in a relationship with. You have to be selfish and understand / acknowledge what you deserve and willing to put up with. So many times, we get into relationships and stagnate. We allow people to treat us poorly.

A relationship has to be cultivated and nurtured by honest communication. It starts with being honest with yourself. You have to try in the relationship. Communication is key! You have to be willing to communicate and be open and honest. Relationships take work. The grass is greenest where you water it and put your attention / focus. If you are committed, make it happen by doing everything in your power. BUT both people have to be invested as it’s a two way street!

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8 thoughts on “Relationship Advice and Some Alpha M. Tough Love

  1. Did I really just hear: “Butterflies and BJs?” DAMN- Alpha ain’t raising no
    fools, huh?

  2. alpha I love your work but there is a tough problem how to win an argument
    with girlfriend after break up how to solve and win arguments with
    girlfriend ..

  3. I got one good question for you Alpha M. if I have friends that are on my
    Facebook as in 3 of them, that I never seen in person, is it still worth
    messaging these people sometimes to see how they are doing? one of them
    lives 20 mins away, another lives a long wase away, and another lives very
    far away but we text, call, and sometimes video chat. but nothing has been
    in person yet. I never got into people and relationships and friendships
    over social media, so I’m finally feeling like myself again. Does this make

  4. He reminds me of Jacob from Crazy Stupid Love. The scene where he takes Cal
    shopping is like taking Billy shopping.

  5. Where I can contact you alpha, I want to hear your opinion and you to give
    me a piece of advice for an unusual relationship question

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