How to Deal With Jealousy in A Relationship

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How to Deal With Jealousy in A Relationship
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33 thoughts on “How to Deal With Jealousy in A Relationship

  1. im jealous of my bf looking at other women even though im very attractive,
    i love myself too much to accept this

  2. so beautiful!!!! thank you so much for this amazing wisdom…love what you
    say…powerful words!!! resonates so much …!!!

  3. @butterfflyess @Jennifer Pena I feel exactly the same way!! I am very
    attractive but got so jealous of hooters women with their big asses and
    boobs that it made my boyfriend not want to eat there ever again to respect
    me, since I feel so uncomfortable about them, even though he’s the perfect
    guy and only loves me, and now I’m crying because he said he’d never eat
    there again to respect me, should make me happy but I am sad because I
    don’t want him to think im controlling where he eats:'( and im not
    controlling him he said he just respects me too much and doesn’t want to
    make me feel insecure or cry:'( I didn’t overreact at the restaurant but
    when we got home I said damn that place should be called big asses not
    hooters and he felt really bad:( I feel horrible

  4. I’m in a relationship where my boyfriend cheated and I forgave him. I can
    see him trying to change for himself and for our relationship but I find
    myself getting jealous from one second to the other. At this point I’m
    trying to learn to love myself again. Thank you for this video

  5. What about being jealous of a friend? I’m a musician and I’m having a hard
    time with life right now. It’s like I’ve lost my passion for music, and
    well, everything, really. It’s like I’m having a creative block. I have a
    friend who is so creative with everything. It’s like everything she touches
    turns to art. And she just radiates love and everyone she meets loves her
    right off the bat. I have people who love me, but it’s after getting to
    know me because they’re forced to (like people I work with, for example). I
    want to be like her. And now, as I go deeper into this poo time in my life,
    I actually feel jealousy toward her. I can’t stand that I feel this way.
    Any advice?

  6. I always find I’m beyond jealous… I can’t help it. I know the key is to
    love myself, but I can’t seem to do that either. I tell myself positive
    thoughts but when I look in the mirror I don’t see what I want. xx

  7. I love your videos. Listening to your words makes me feel calmer and
    happier. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!

  8. Do you have anything about jealousy in general? Not just in intimate
    relationships but with ppl in general. Like friendships, work relations,
    with family, etc.

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